A Muse for the 3rd Millennium

An Original Story by:

A Rock Operetta Written by:

Angi Perretti and Robert Charles Acosta


As Princess Angelica Melchior slept–

The royal daughter of one of the 3 Wisemen–

The Angel of the Eastern Star whispered that she must

find the Dancing Leprechauns who guard the Golden Cauldron…


And by the magic of the kingdom’s Marvelous Magician,

he discovers the Golden Lantern against dangerous challenges

of the Impossible Journey, after the many “genie-seekers”

before him had disappeared into the dark forests…


Upon its delivery to the King,

the command for the Genie to appear

would change Princess Angelica’s destiny forever…


Princess Angelica is transformed to “AngiArts”

–a Muse for the 3rd Millennium—

by the superpowers of the Almighty Centurion Genie. 

Destined to travel the horizons of time to influence artistic inspiration across the lands,

Inspiring millions to discover their

true artistic identity and to share their gifts with all.




Join Us for this Magnificent Journey!


A Rock Operetta for the Entire Family.