"The Muse"

An Animation Rock Operetta Movie

Based on the book, "The Identity of AngiArts"

Created by

Screenplay by

Once Upon a time when ancient royalty ruled kingdoms for thousands of years…

A time when legends abound with the mystical mystery of magic potions and powerful Genies…

A time when folklore portrayed its fantasies through the storytelling of magicians and the prophecies of sorcerers…

A time when following the stars and interpreting dreams as divine messages from Heaven became a powerful world that existed beyond the senses, utterly defying the existence of reality…

A time when the Muse was a gift from the heavens passed on by the daughters of Zeus to the next generation through the Archangels to inspire the creators. It was at this time, King Melchior, one of the three wisemen, would be challenged by angel deity to offer his daughter for the greater good of mankind.

And by the skills of the kingdom’s Marvelous Magician, he was commanded to find the Golden Lantern against the dangerous challenges of the Impossible Journey, where many “Genie-Seekers” before, had failed and disappeared into the dark forest…forever. It was his solemn duty to retrieve the Golden Lantern and deliver this to King Melchior, where from inside, the Almighty Centurion Genie would appear to the Royal family and reveal the destiny of Princess Angelica Melchior.

This is the story of Princess Angelica Melchior. She was born in 1 AD in the shadow of the Christ Child and christened a Muse at birth by Angel Deity.  In 28AD, she was destined to travel to the 3rd Millennium to inspire artistic inspiration across the lands. This is “AngiArts” journey—a story for families of all cultures across the planet; a story that restores goodwill to humanity by and through the talents christened unto us all.